• Telinga Mata Nusantara
    Telinga Mata Nusantara

    Temata is an acronym for Telinga Mata Nusantara (Ears and Eyes of Archipelago). Essentially, humans require knowledge in order to live their lives properly. And the ears and eyes are the two most essential human senses for receiving information, which will then be digested by the brain through a thought process. With the help of the ears and eyes, humans give birth to their crafts, which will then be used to change their environment and even the world. Telinga Mata Nusantara is the embodiment of the creation of this nation’s citizens in an effort to introduce Indonesia from various perspectives to the world.

  • Studio

    Through the works of audio and visual, many things can be conveyed to promote Indonesia. Temata Studio is a place where the creation of sounds and images, that may not have been conveyed before, are done. It is a place where we use the windows of the eyes and ears as a medium to contribute to a wider scale, to promote the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Indonesian archipelago to the world.

    Temata introduces Indonesian characters to the world by way of combining international cultural elements with national cultural identities, packaged in various forms of delivery. By doing so, Indonesian identity can still be seen and heard in all Temata's audio and visual creations in different portions, in all branding needs for any corporation, products and events.

  • Event

    In addition to creating audio-visual works, Temata are capable to translate digital ideas and creations into events, or vice versa. Temata Event is an event consultant and organizer focuses on overseas events, especially those related to promotion of Indonesia. In the local level, Temata also produces events aimed at promoting the potential of certain regions on a national and international scale.

    Temata-short for Telinga Mata Nusantara-has the spirit to introduce the archipelago to the international world, to show the many sides of Indonesia that have never been exposed and enormous gift bestowed upon this land that the world in general would never imagine. Temata Event acts as the eyes and ears that tell about the archipelago to the world.